Red Apple aka Chameleon Crab (Metasesarma aubryi)

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Metasesarma aubryi is a species of freshwater crab that belongs to the family Sesarmidae.

These are the 'mood rings' of the crab world, changing color based on how they are feeling from Red to Violet to even deep Purple.

Physical Characteristics: Metasesarma aubryi is a small to medium-sized crab with a distinct and visually striking appearance. The carapace, which is the hard outer shell covering its body, features a beautiful violet to purple coloration with intricate patterns and markings. This vibrant coloration sets it apart from many other crab species, making it an attractive and fascinating creature to observe.

Habitat: These crabs are typically found in coastal regions, mangrove forests, and estuaries of Southeast Asia, particularly in countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. They are well-adapted to both terrestrial and aquatic environments, as they are capable of spending time both on land and in the water.

Behavior: Metasesarma aubryi is primarily a herbivorous crab, feeding on various plant matter, detritus, and algae. They are generally active during the day and may display social behavior within their communities, making them an interesting subject for researchers and nature enthusiasts.

Reproduction: Like most crabs, Metasesarma aubryi undergoes a process of reproduction that involves mating and producing eggs. Female crabs release their fertilized eggs into the water, where they undergo various stages of development before hatching into tiny larvae. These larvae eventually move back to the shoreline, where they grow and develop into juvenile crabs, before fully adapting to their terrestrial or semi-terrestrial lifestyles.

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