Assorted Mystery Snails

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As with other aquatic species, snails will not do well if the water parameters and water quality do not meet their needs. You will still need to check weekly or monthly (depending on the age of the tank setup) for pH, ammonia, hardness, nitrates, and nitrates. 

Water Temperature 68 to 84 degrees fahrenheit
Water Flow Rate Will get along fine in both rapid moving and slow moving waters. 
pH 7.6 to 8.4
Hardness Hard water
Aquarium Salt (Y/N) I personally don’t recommend using aquarium salt with Mystery Snails, although some say it is safe in small amounts. 
Tannins (Y/N) No

It is important to note that snails do need hard, alkaline water (high pH level) so that they can from strong shells. You may want to test for the presence for calcium, as well as use supplements to ensure the snails maintain healthy shells.

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