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Banana plants are very hardy and easy to care for, with a moderate growth rate that won’t get out of control. They prefer tropical temperatures between 68 to 82°F and can survive in low to high light conditions. (Of course, the more light you give it, the faster it’ll grow.) No carbon dioxide (CO2) injection is needed, but your banana lily will definitely appreciate a good all-in-one liquid fertilizer and a root tab inserted right underneath the plant every three to four months.


The key is to not suffocate the tubers or banana-shaped roots, which are used for nutrient storage. Just rest the plant’s tubers on top of the substrate, or plant the tubers about a quarter of an inch into the substrate. If the plant tries to float away, use some rocks or even plant weights to keep it down. If the plant still refuses to stay put, don’t worry – it will eventually send down long roots to attach itself to the ground.

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