Corydoras Agassizi (Agassiz's)

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Corydoras agassizii is a species of catfish found in the Amazon basin. It can be found in the border area of Peru and Brazil. It lives in tropical waters with a water temperature of 22 - 26 °C, a pH of 6.0 - 8.0 and a hardness of 2 - 25 dH.

According to fishbase, the fish has a standard length of 5.2 cm. As other members of its genus, it is a bottom-dwelling and shoaling species. It has an omnivorous diet. Breeding occurs similarly to other species. The female holds two to four eggs between her pelvic fins, which are then fertilized by the male. After fertilization, the female deposits the sticky eggs. This process is then repeated until about a 100 eggs are laid. The species can be found in the aquarium trade.

This species has the dorsal fin spine and the first two or three dorsal soft rays coloured black for the full length of the rays. This can vary in intensity with age but at least most of the dorsal fin spine is black. Easy to confuse with Corydoras ambiacus.

  • Very peaceful and hardy addition to almost any aquarium  
  • Compatible with peaceful invertebrates too large to be considered prey
  • Thrives in schools in well-planted aquaria
  • Distinctive coloration and group schooling behavior.
  • Temperature:  70° - 81° F (21° - 27° C)
  • pH:  5.5 - 7.2.  Softer water is preferred, but this fish usually very hardy and is somewhat flexible as long as sudden changes are avoided.
  • KH:  0 - 15 dKH
  • Minimum tank size:  15 gallons for a school of 5

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