Cryptocoryne Balansae

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Cryptocoryne balansae, also known as Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae, is a popular aquatic plant among hobbyists due to its graceful appearance and ease of care. This species originates from Southeast Asia and can make an excellent addition to your freshwater aquarium.

1. Substrate:

  • Use a nutrient-rich substrate like aquarium soil or a gravel-based substrate with root tabs. Cryptocoryne balansae is a root-feeding plant, and a good substrate helps promote healthy root development.

2. Lighting:

  • Cryptocoryne balansae prefers moderate to low lighting conditions. Avoid intense or direct lighting, as it can lead to algae growth and stress the plant.
  • Use full-spectrum LED or fluorescent aquarium lights, and consider providing shade with taller plants or decorations.

3. Water Parameters:

  • Temperature: Maintain a temperature range between 72°F to 82°F (22°C to 28°C).
  • pH Level: Keep the pH level in the range of 6.0 to 7.5.
  • Water Hardness: Cryptocoryne balansae prefers soft to moderately hard water.

4. Water Quality:

  • Use a reliable aquarium filter to ensure good water circulation and filtration.
  • Regular water changes (approximately 10-20% every week) help maintain water quality and remove accumulated pollutants.

5. Plant Placement:

  • Cryptocoryne balansae should be planted in the substrate, with the roots buried in the gravel or substrate. Leave the crown (where the leaves emerge) above the substrate to prevent rot.
  • Provide adequate spacing between plants to allow for growth without crowding.

6. Fertilization:

  • Cryptocoryne balansae benefits from the addition of liquid or root tab fertilizers designed for aquarium plants.
  • Fertilize as per the instructions on the product label, typically once every 2-4 weeks, to provide essential nutrients like iron, potassium, and micronutrients.

7. Pruning and Maintenance:

  • Trim and remove any dead or decaying leaves regularly to maintain the plant's overall health and appearance.
  • Prune back excessive growth to prevent overcrowding in the aquarium.

8. Propagation:

  • Cryptocoryne balansae can be propagated by dividing the plant when it has grown sufficiently.
  • Carefully separate the plant into smaller sections, each with roots and healthy leaves, and replant them in the substrate.


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