Innovative Marine SR Pro 2 | 120 AIO Aquarium w/ APS Stand - White (Made to Order)

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Enjoy a HUGE discount on such an amazing set up from Innovative Marine. This system is Made to Order, by doing this Innovative marine allows a large discount on their Premium Aquarium and Stand. This is one of the largest systems available on the market. Custom made for your enjoyment for many years to come. Price includes $299.00 Shipping Fee built into the price. 

This item ships directly from Innovative Marine.

Innovative Marine's Shallow Reef series gives you the footprint of a full-size tank while keeping the height of the tank shorter than normal, giving you a truly awesome viewing experience through the ultra-low iron glass panels. The SR series is the perfect combination of function and design, the wide aspect ratio of the front panel gives a lot of space for fish to swim while also tons of real estate for aquascaping and coral placement. The minimal height lets you essentially blanket the tank with even light, and not having super hot spots up high in the water column just to keep low-light corals at the bottom. 

  • One of the Largest All-In-One Aquariums on the Market
  • Controllable DC Return Pumps
  • Spacious Filtration Chambers
  • Integrated Emergency Overflow
  • MicroMag Glass Cleaner, Leveling Mat, & Safe Screen Lid
  • Now includes Flexible Nuvo Nozzles and High Tide Risers


Innovative Marine PRO 2 Bundle

The PRO 2 Bundles include all the equipment you need to get your tank started out of the box, and with the peace of mind that the return pump and filtration are properly sized for the tank. The included CustomCaddy media basket holds a mixture of mechanical fiber balls, Premium ROX 0.8 Carbon, and High Capacity GFO packets and will slide perfectly into the AIO chamber behind the display section. Each SR Pro kit also includes controllable MightyJet 538 DC Return Pumps that can be set for the type of fish and corals you are keeping. Your flow can be further customized by adjusting the included Nuvo Nozzles, IM's new flexible dual directional flow nozzles with adjustable pivot joints and removable sockets. These nozzles can double your flow paths, target dead spots, and create cross currents or swelling circular patterns to tailor the perfect flow solution for your setup. A MicroMag aquarium magnet cleaner, built-in emergency overflow, adjustable water level risers, leveling mat and safe screen lid also come standard in all PRO 2 bundles.


Tank Specifications:

  • Total Water Volume - 120 Gallons
  • Tank Dimensions - 70.9" L x 23.62" W x 16.14" H
  • Display Dimensions - 69.72" L x 22.44" W x 16.14" H
  • Glass Thickness - 15mm
  • Return Type - Flexible Dual Directional Flow Nozzles (per pump)
  • Return Pump Flow Rate - 538 GPH (per pump)
  • Return Pump Power Consumption - 22W @ 24VDC (per pump)

 What's Included?

1x SR-120 Nuvo Fusion Lagoon Aquarium

3x MightyJet 538 GPH Return Pumps w/ Controllers

1x Removable 200 Micron Filter Sock

1x Fullsize CustomCaddy Media Basket w/ PurityPack Filter Media Including:

  • 3x Mechanical Fiber Balls
  • 3x Premium 0.8 ROX Carbon Pack
  • 3x High Capacity Coarse GFO Pack

1x Preinstalled Rubber Leveling Mat

1x Pre-Assembled SafeScreen Mesh Screen Lid

1x MicroMag Glass Cleaner

6x Nuvo Return Nozzles

2x High Tide Water Risers

MTO - MADE TO ORDER Disclaimer:

*No Cancellations, Modifications, Exchanges, Refunds, & Returns.
*Orders takes 4 to 6 months from time of order to being shipped.
*Payment must be paid in full when order is placed.
*3 Year warranty.

This set up ships direct to you from the Innovative Marine Facility here in California.


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