Ista CO2 Premium Pack

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The Ista CO2 Premium Pack (face side) is a state-of-the-art twin gauge C02 controller designed to be used with aluminum CO2 cylinders. The compact but powerful unit features an incredibly accurate bubble counter, check valve and a ceramic diffuser that provides exceptional CO2 diffusion without clogging or restrictions in flow. Unlike most CO2 controllers, the Ista CO2 Premium Pack can be accurately adjusted by hand instead of with additional tools. The unit features a CO2 pipe holder, air pipe and easy to read gauges for accurate, real time information.

  • Equipped with German-made solenoid with safety valve. Hand air-tighten design, no tool required.
  • Bubble counter provides instant bubble reading. With the check valve there is no water backflow.
  • CO2 indicator easily monitors CO2 levels
  • Air pipe connector prevents CO2 pipe from being bended

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