Jumbo Catappa Leaves (Almond Leaf) 10 Pack

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Indian Almond Leaves have been used to improve water quality, soften water, aide fish to prevent and help support the immune system to fight off disease, in livebearer breeding tanks, shrimp tanks, etc. There are many benefits to adding Indian Almond Leaves to a home aquarium!

Catappa/Kepapang leaves come from a farm in Borneo where they are hand picked, wiped clean if needed and organically processed and dried.

Most common uses in the home aquarium include the following:

Inducing Spawning In Livebearer breeding tanks, leaves can help to induce spawning

Reducing pH and Ammonia Leaves release tannins, similar to driftwood. While it may slightly discolor the tank water, leaves can help to protect fish.

Bubble Nest Builders Bettas and other bubble nest builders appreciate the tannins from the leaves when building nests

Immune System Support Tannins are known to support the immune system to help fish fight off disease

Black Water Extract No need to buy black water extracts as it comes naturally from leaves. This can help South American and Amazon species

How to Use Can add whole leaves or break them into smaller pieces. Leaves will gradually release tannins that will turn the water a yellowish brown, same as driftwood. This slight discoloration doesn’t distract from the tank itself, but some find they prefer crystal clear, blue toned water.

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