Koi Betta (Female)

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The Koi Betta Female is a spectacle of nature’s artistry, boasting a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues that mirror the iconic patterns found in koi ponds around the world. With a palette that includes brilliant whites, deep reds, and contrasting blacks, each individual fish is a unique masterpiece. The females, while slightly less flamboyant than their male counterparts, carry an understated elegance, with shorter fins and a more reserved demeanor that only adds to their charm.

Gentle Nature In the serene world beneath the water's surface, the Koi Betta Female plays a peaceful role. Known for their more placid nature compared to males, these females can often be found exploring the nooks and crannies of their aquatic domain or gracefully gliding among plants and decorations. This makes them excellent candidates for community tanks, where they can coexist with other non-aggressive species, adding diversity and dynamism to your underwater ecosystem.

Care Requirements The Koi Betta Female thrives in environments that mimic their natural habitat—warm, clean water with plenty of hiding spots among plants and decor. A temperature range of 76-82°F (24-28°C) and a pH level of 6.5-7.5 create ideal conditions for their well-being. Gentle filtration systems help maintain water quality without creating strong currents, ensuring a stress-free environment for these delicate beauties.

** Your fish will not be the exact specimen shown but of same type**

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