Seachem Cupramine 100mL

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Seachem Cupramine is a highly effective and concentrated copper-based medication specifically designed for the treatment and control of external parasites, particularly protozoans, in freshwater and marine aquariums. This medication is formulated by Seachem, a reputable company known for producing quality aquatic products.

Cupramine contains a stabilized form of ionic copper that is readily absorbed by fish and invertebrates, making it an efficient solution for combating a range of external parasites like ich (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), velvet disease (Oodinium), and other similar afflictions commonly found in aquarium fish.

This medication is available in a liquid form and is highly concentrated, allowing for precise dosing based on the aquarium's water volume and the severity of the infestation. Its concentrated nature means smaller amounts are needed for effective treatment, minimizing potential stress on fish and invertebrates compared to other copper-based treatments.

Seachem Cupramine is known for its ability to effectively eliminate parasites without negatively impacting biological filtration in the aquarium. It is also less harmful to fish gills compared to traditional copper treatments. However, it's crucial to use Cupramine with caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions diligently, as copper can be toxic if overdosed or used in tanks with certain sensitive species like invertebrates, scaleless fish, or some corals.

When using Cupramine, it's recommended to monitor copper levels with a reliable test kit and maintain therapeutic levels within the suggested range for the duration of treatment. Careful observation of fish behavior and overall health during treatment is essential, and immediate action should be taken if any adverse effects are observed.

After completing the treatment regimen, performing partial water changes is advised to remove any residual copper from the aquarium, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for the fish and other inhabitants.

Seachem Cupramine is a valuable tool for aquarists dealing with specific external parasitic infestations in their aquariums. While effective, it's crucial to use this medication responsibly, following the instructions provided, and taking necessary precautions to minimize any potential risks to the aquarium's inhabitants.


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