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Torch coral, scientifically known as Euphyllia glabrescens, is a mesmerizing and captivating species of coral that has become a popular choice among marine aquarium enthusiasts and reef keepers. This coral's name is derived from its long, tubular, and branching skeletal structure, which closely resembles the shape of a torch. Torch corals belong to the family Euphylliidae and are native to the warm, tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific region, where they thrive in vibrant reef ecosystems.

Torch corals are renowned for their striking appearance. Their elongated, tubular polyps extend from a central, fleshy stalk and are covered in a layer of vibrant, often fluorescent, colored tissue. These colors can range from shades of green, brown, and cream to more intense hues like neon green, pink, or even red, making them a captivating addition to any reef tank. The tentacles are lined with tiny, venomous stinging cells called nematocysts, which help the coral capture prey.

Torch corals require specific care to thrive in a home aquarium. They need stable water conditions, including appropriate water temperature, salinity, and water flow. Adequate lighting is crucial for their survival, as they rely on photosynthesis to generate energy from symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae that reside within their tissues. Proper calcium and alkalinity levels are also essential for the growth and health of their calcium carbonate skeletons.

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